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Timber Veneer

Timber veneer is from a natural and renewable resource. Timber veneer is without doubt the cheapest & most environmentally friendly way of using wood.

Thousands of years ago furniture makers and joiners started using timber veneer. Examples of thin wood covering have been found in Egypt. Wood was not abundant so they turned to veneer as an option. From the tomb of Tutankhamen to other works, the use of timber veneer is very evident.

Veneer usage took a big turn during the 19th century, when new methods such as sawing being replaced by slicing knives made it easier to produce. Technological advances made during the period known as the industrial revolution increased the quantity and quality being produced.

Great artists began using veneer as a medium such as the masters during the Baroque and Renaissance periods as well as hundreds of years that followed shows how versatile and widely used veneer is.

By the 1950's , veneer production was in almost every country across the globe and its usage became very widespread and can be seen in all walks of life from boats to skyscrapers, from house sheds to hospital walls.

Even now its use has not diminished at all and you can see veneer products pretty much anywhere you go - from modern offices to high quality home furnishings - veneer is everywhere.

It is not the best product to use in heavily wet areas like kitchen or vanity tops or extreme weather outdoor areas, as the constant water or sun will eventually cause it to break down or discolour.

When coming to making a choice next time you need a new finish or look, make sure that you consider veneer as a viable option. You will not be disappointed and may very likely be surprised by all the options available.


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