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George Fethers Architectural

For the best in timber & floors, acoustic & glass solutions. For architects & residential clients you'll find a great range of timber veneer, flooring & glass products. Learn about clear class, double glazed glass, house windows, laminated glass and other architectural glass.

Architectural Glass Solutions

Fethers Architectural Glass Solutions have a range of Glass Solution products that suit high performance construction projects. These Glass products include, Architectural Glass & SAGE Electrochromic Insulating Glass. See our glass range, clear, double glazed windows & glass.

PPG Glass Products

Find out more about double glazed windows & glass, clear glass & PPG glass products such as Starphire, Solarban Low E & Sungate Low E, reflective glasses and certified Glass. Architectural glass & house windows. PPG Starphire glass, ultra clear glass suitable for anything from entranceways to entire building facades.

Timber Veneer

Timber & Wood veneer. Find out more about our great hardwood, oak & timber veneer. Wood & Timber veneers that are second to none. We have a natural Wood & Timber veneer range as well as lingnapal, retoned & linea veneer.


Hardwood floors, Massive Plank floors & flooring. Our Massive Plank timber floors are a great look in any home. Our timber Floors have a range of options such as timber riser & matching timber trim. Fethers Hardwood Planks, see our range including rosewood, chalked oak, fethers oak, limed oak & chalked milan oak.

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels & Acoustic Solutions that can reduce sound in rooms at certian frequencies. Acoustic Panels can adress acoustic concerns by reducing noise. Acoustic planels can be used on walls or in the eiling. Acoustic & Acoustiq Fabric panels. Acoustic Solutions reduce airborne sound by absorbing sound at different frequencies