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SAGE - EC Electrochromic Switchable Clear/Dark Gray Insulating Glass


We have just completed this installation of SageGlass® Electronically tintable glass in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne has a challenging climate with freezing winters and hot summers. Most buildings here now use low-E double glazed units because they have excellent year round insulation, but nothing was available that would allow the free sun energy into the building in winter but keep it out in summer…..Until SAGE glass became available.

SAGE is a conventional Low-E insulating glass unit, with an additional unique capability. When required, a low voltage electric current is applied to an ultra thin transparent coating on the protected inside glass surface, which causes the coating to become dark gray tinted. This is the first glass that can transmit wanted sunlight and heat in winter to maximize passive solar heat gains, but at the touch of a button, 10 minutes later, becomes a tinted Low-E double glazed unit with a very low Solar heat gain co-efficient which dramatically reduce aircon running costs, increase cooling efficiencies and controls glare. Switch the power off and the SAGE glass quickly becomes clear again.

A conventional solution would involve external shading devices, but SAGE eliminates the need for them and provides an uninterrupted view with no maintenance and at a competitive cost.

SAGE is an extraordinary new technology and a fantastic glazing solution for overhead, Glary East and West elevations, residential, Commercial, civil, Hospitals and other construction types.

SageGlass is a registered trademark of Sage Electrochromics Inc, Faribault, MN 55021 USA

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