Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass


PPG Starphire®Ultra-Clear Glass


Starphire®Glass is an ultra-clear glass designed for a wide variety of commercialapplications. Starphire Glass avoids the greening inherent in ordinaryclear glass. Maintaining its remarkable clarity in any thickness, it’sthe ideal solution for emphasising atriums, entranceways, entirebuilding facades or for use in laminated applications. In retailstorefronts and displays, it highlights the displayed products’ truecolours.

Splash backs are another excellentuse for Starphire Glass. The high fidelity colour transmission ofStarphire Glass makes it possible to incorporate true whites, pastelsand other light colours. Starphire Glass is clearly the product tochoose when looks are everything.




Stockedyear-round for immediate delivery, extra-heavy Starphire® glass isideal for a range of applications from point-fixed walls, to interiorapplications and safety/security glazing.


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